The Japanese Dragon Series

The Japanese Dragon Series is in full swing as part of the Dragon World Series.

Since February, Japan has hosted a series of events from the Hiroshima Etajma Dragon Race to the Kanagawa Fujisawa SUP Club Challenge in Shonan. Each event gets us closer to September where the champion team of the Japanese Dragon Series will be revealed. With only three events to go lets recap on some of the epic races so far... 


The 5th battle of the series saw nine teams of four go head to head on the beautiful blue water of Lake Hamana. What once was a quiet and still area became the platform for a nail biting finish with team Kitabiwako Sapp Club coming in first, closely followed by Team K and then team Pirates and Reikuru in a respectable third place. 



The Red Dragon was then unleashed for the SUP Club Challenge on the epic Shonan Beach. Choppy water caused entertainment for spectators and fun for all as the conditions made it harder for the eleven teams to stay dry. However it was SUP Def Team which prevailed and claimed their victory.


Following the success of its predecessors the Paddle Challenge at the Marine Festival had a lot to live up to. Hosted on the picturesque Hiroshima Lake, Motosu near Mount Fuji, the event organisers could not have chosen a more beautiful location. The site saw twelve teams battle it out with the Shonan Yacht Club coming in first. 



The most recent Japanese Dragon Series event was held on the coast, Abe Beach. After a harsh downwind race, eleven teams competed in the Dragon Race. Spectators and participants alike enjoyed the festivities of the day and cheered as Carvy B Team were crowned champion.


With 3 events still to go, which team will have the best team work and take the crown?

All teams who competed in the series are automatically qualified to compete in the Dragon World Championships. And you can too!

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