Meet the Dragon's Angels


This week we spent a bit of time getting to know the Dragon's Angels, the all female team from France, who are ready and raring to compete in Barbados this October.

So let's hear what they have to say...

What is your team name?    Dragon’s Angels

Who's in the team?

Virginie SAMSON
Carine MAYER



How did you start SUPing?  

For me in 2011 in a rental place in Cannes… I saw people walking on water and just needed to go myself but we are now all totally hooked….

When did you first try a Red Dragon board?

2 years ago in Peniche, Portugal but we officially got training on the Dragon board in September last year.

Have you participated in any Dragon Races?

Sadly not, the official races were a bit too far away from us but this year we will be taking part in the 2017 Dragon World Championships and we can't wait to get out there and race!



Any tips for those wanting to try a Red Dragon paddle board for the first time?

Before you get on the water have a chat about who does what. Understand how to turn and who will set the rhythm….and there is no shame to start on your knees, then when you are ready, stand up smoothly and go!

What do you enjoy about paddling the Red Dragon board?

The teamwork. It’s a different way of racing. You need to think about your team mates on the board with you, know their good points and their bad, and try to compose yourself to get the most out of your glide. A Red Dragon board motivates everyone to keep going.

The Dragon is an excellent way to learn SUP. Everyone gives what they can and no one is left behind.  It also gives you more balance, and teaches you to be soft on your feet. You just have to give it a try! 

Michelle Meredith