Russia Conquers the dragon

Tuesday 1st May 2018 fourteen teams from across Russia descended on Novorossiysk to battle in the ultimate SUP race to be crowned the Dragon World Series Novorssiysk champion. 

With teams from Moscow, Tomsk, Tuapse, Sochi and Novorossiysk having victory within their grasp,  anticipation was high as the semi-finals began. Following a burst of speed at the start and a neck and neck race, team Four Axes disappointingly fell into the water at the finish line. This led to them facing team Zmey Gorynich in the race for 3rd place which proved to be an epic battle. 

However, no SUP race is complete without a dramatic final, and the Dragon World Series Novorssiysk did not disappoint. With the two strongest teams Matesta Breeze and Twisted Leash fighting for first place this was fun, fast racing at its best!

3, 2, 1 . . . The countdown started, and the teams were off, paddling in unison on the 22ft Red Dragon inflatable SUP! Despite the explosion of power and chanting of stroke, team Matesta Breeze took a bad turn and collided with Twisted Leash, slowing the Novorssiysk natives down and throwing them off stride. According to the rules, the team should be awarded with demerit points or disqualified, however Twisted Leash's team captain said that the collision didn't effect the outcome of the race by much and so Matesta Breeze should claim victory! 

Once all teams were back on dry land the awards ceremony began with the winning team, Matesta Breeze giving a speech. The team refused the title of Dragon World Series Novorssiysk champion and gave the cup to Twisted Leash - causing unified applause! "The joy of victory, the bitterness of defeat and the dramatic final made this race like no other" said competitor Ivan Karnaukhov.

Think you can conquer the Dragon? Join us for the ultimate team SUP event, mixing fun, fast racing with the perfect party vibe; the Dragon World Championships 2018 (held in Austria) will be an event you won't want to miss! Find out more and enter today! 

If you are interested in testing the Red Dragon Inflatable SUP before the big day find your closest retailer or take part in a Dragon World Series event!

Get ready to #unleashthedragon   


Photos and words from Beri Vesla




Sam Wonnacott