The conqueror

A Square Course

¼ km by ¼ km

Running beach start

Teams sprint to cross the finish line.

This is the main championship course and will form the single elimination (first round) of the competition.



the warrior

Time trials to be running on the Sunday 11.30 – 15.00.

Teams start on the beach to create a running start line.

Simple point-to-point sprint against the clock .

Teams get 3 attempts. Fastest time is counted.






Although this is not an elitist event we will be running a more advanced race for experienced teams on the Sunday (29th). This will be a 9km downwind race in rough seas - not for the faint hearted! Teams will be able to register for this during the main event registration on Saturday and may be asked to complete a qualifying paddle to confirm their spot. Prize giving for this event will be on Sunday evening.

An advanced 9km downwind, open water race from Miami Beach to Carlisle Bay.

Red Dragon Teams will start first followed by individual paddle boarders.

Participants will start on the beach, paddle out to a buoy and then head downwind to finish at Paddle Barbados.

In the event of bad weather there is an alternative race which will take place in Carlisle Bay.


To ensure a level playing field for all competing teams there will be a double elimination in which teams will participate through a race course designed to test team camaraderie as much as flat out speed. The exact format of this race will remain secret until the event.