The rules are applicable to all participants at all times without exception. The race director reserves the right to amend the rules at any time based on the experience of participating teams and prevailing conditions on the day of competition. Rule changes will be communicated clearly to all participants. 

Red Paddle Co do not accept any responsibility for the safety of participants.

  1. All participants must use/wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) at all times. 

  2. All teams must compete on a production Red Paddle Co 22’0ft Red Dragon Board 

  3. A ‘team’ comprises 4 people on the board. 

  4. A team must remain the same for the duration of one race (unless the race format allows for substitutes).

  5. All team members must be on the board and standing when crossing the start and finish line (unless the race format renders this impossible).

  6. A maximum of three people are allowed to kneel at each buoy/turn. 

  7. Kneeling participants must stand after a maximum of 10 strokes (taken by the individual).*

  8. Teams can substitute 2 members per race. 

  9. All teams who enter a DWS event instantly qualify for the Dragon World Championships.

*Event hosts/race officers may choose to overlook a stroke maximum if there is no other means available for a team to complete the course. 



Whilst we would encourage teams to purchase their own board for training purposes, there will be a limited number of Red Dragon boards available to hire for the event.  Please note; you may be required to travel with these from your country of residence to the event site. For all enquiries please email the team.